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Top Soils & Wood Barks

Whatever paving project you are planning, Radbournes have the ideal flagstones, setts and pavers to make any design special.

Top Soil

Top soil is the uppermost layer of soil, which is high in nutrients and organic matter.

Top soils can be used for making:

Many gardens have poor soil, such as those found behind new-build homes, where the natural top soil has been stripped away during the construction process. Top soils can be used to cover the ground, to create new beds, borders or to provide a base for turf laying or sowing grass seed. In paved gardens where there is no access to soil, top soils can be used in raised beds for growing many plants, including vegetables.

Our comprehensive range of top soil include:

top soils and compost
Wood Bark / Play Bark

Wood barks are often considered to be an essential ingredient to the health and well-being of a garden. They are widely used for general purpose landscaping and helps in reducing the number of weeds, in addition to improving the overall moisture retention of the garden. 

We are a Melcourt Master Stockist of high quality wood bark and wood products with an extensive range of materials in stock, and also access to the complete Melcourt range including:

Woodland colourful play area with playback from Melcourt
Bark Nuggets with ruler
Bark for walk surfaces with ruler
Where to start

Come to our showroom

The best way to really get a feel for Top Soil or our Bark is to come and visit us at our  showroom in Rotherwas, Hereford. Comprehensive stocks and our own fleet of delivery vehicles ensure a fast delivery service that you can rely on. Materials are supplied in pre-packed plastic or bulk bags with crane offload, or loose tipped.

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Radbournes Product List

Many of the common products in the trade are called by generic or brand names.

Listed below are the products that we stock with the Radbournes name in bold, and other names that they may be called underneath.

If you need advice, just call us on 01432 279 623 or contact us via our contact form and we’ll be glad to help.


Ball Mill
Flooring sand, screed sand, screeding sand

Build sand various
Building sand, soft sand, mortar sand, fine sand, pointing sand, red sand, brown sand, yellow sand

Concrete aggregate, all in aggregate, 20mm to dust

Crusher run
Hardcore, chatter, fill stone, 75mm to dust, 6F2, crushed concrete

Setts, natural rounded, Cornish granite chips, Cornish granite, granite, silver grey granite

Ready mixed concrete. pre-mixed concrete

Cotswold chippings
Buff chippings, yellow chippings, cream chippings, limestone chippings

Cotswold gravel
Cotswold shingle, buff gravel, yellow gravel, cream gravel, limestone gravel

Criggion green, Monmouth green, Welsh green, green granite, forest green Cambrian green

Decorative aggregates
Coloured aggregates, landscape aggregates, driveway aggregates, path aggregates, slate paddlestones

Forest of Dean
Forest of Dean pink chipping, terracotta chipping, rustic chipping, weathered red chipping

Glass chipping
Glass chipping various, coloured glass

Granite chippings
Granite chipping, dark grey chipping, high PSV chippings

Granite setts

Hereford gravels
Gravel, shingle, pea gravel, pipe bedding, drain stone, filter stone drainage stone

Hereford washed concrete sand
Concrete sand, coarse sand, bedding sand, washed sand, grit sand filter stone

Horticultural grit
Potting grit, garden grit

Kiln dried sand
Paving sand, jointing sand, block paving sand, shot blasting sand

Limestone chipping
Grey chipping

Lime hydrated
Hydrated lime

Lime hydraulic
Hydraulic lime

Lime plaster

Lime putty

Lite agg leca
Lightweight aggregate, insulation aggregate, staging aggregate

Mixed chippings
Blended chippings, moisture retentative aggregate

Mortar ready to use
Ready mixed mortar, RTU mortar, lime sand mortar

Natural rounded, golden pea, valley rounded flint, tweed

Northampton gold, York gold, Trent gold

Newbury flint
Solent gold, harvest gold, golden flint

OMR sand
White sand

Paving stone
Flagstone, indian stone, mill stone, York stone, pennant paving, reclaimed paving

Plaster sand
Render sand, skim sand, scratch coat, finish coat

Play Pit Sand


Railway sleepers

Rock salt
Winter grit

Sand bags
Flood defence sand bags
Water defence sand bags

Sand general
Fill sand, cable sand, ducting sand

Sea sand
Dredged sand, marine sand, dune sand

Hardcore, chatter, fill stone 40mm to dust, 20mm to dust, 6F1

Red chipping, Scottish red, border red, harden red. red granite

Floor screed

Sea washed pebbles
Henham pebbles, beach pebbles

Silica sand
Bunker sand, equestrian sand, equine sand, foundry sand, golf course sand, play pit sand, sports field sand, top dressing sand

Slate crushed
Crushed slate, blue/purple slate, plum slate, green slate

Southampton sand
Yellow sand

Spar various, Canterbury spar, dashing spar
Stone dust

Architectural, boulders, building stone, crazy paving, cropped stone, defence stone, dressed stone, flagstone, gabion stone, masonry stone, paving stone, pitching stone, random stone, reclaimed stone, rockery, stone, sawn stone, stone quoins, walling stone

Asphalt, bitumen coated, coated stone, close graded, surface course, base course, macadam, topping, wearing course

Terrex, geotextile membrane, weed suppressant, ground liner

Thames flint
Black & white flint, weathered flint, lydd flintslate paddlestones

Theale flint
Golden blend, alpine golden flint, golden flint, golden spar

Top soil
Top dressing

Derbyshire grey, Derbyshire white, pale grey limestone

Type 1
GSB type 1, granular sub base, roadstone

Staffordshire pink, Cheshire pink,Trent pink lilac pink

Wood bark spruce
Ornamental mulch bark

Wood bark play
Play bark, bark to lias

Wood chip play
Wood chip to lias, wood chip for walk surface, wood chip for pathway

Wood composted fine bark
Composted fine bark, soil improver, soil ameliorant

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Our products

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