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Puddling Clay

A simple, cost-effective and natural way to line your pond.

Puddling is a process which lines any channel with puddle clay, making a watertight, strong clay base. Puddling clay was first used on canal systems and remains in use today to maintain them. It was also used on a lot of the reservoirs across Britain. It can also be used as core for earth filled dams.

The method of lining Puddled clay in a pond is simple and a lot more natural than using flexible pond liners that are not as durable and cheap. Puddle clay is the most natural way of lining your pond – it is more wildlife and eco friendly. It is also a simple process – all it needs is for the clay to be compacted so that the air bubbles are totally squeezed out, this forms a strong watertight barrier, this can be accomplished by using a tractor, digger or a compactor over the surface.

Our puddling clay can be used for the construction of ponds, leats etc. on golf courses, fish farms, and is suitable for both for commercial and private use. It can also be used for sealing contaminated ground.

We recommend laying puddling clay at a depth of 200-300mm for ponds. These depths will need to be increased for heavier duty applications or for use in areas prone to erosion.

SIKA Products

The reputation has SIKA for quality and reliability is virtually unmatched. They produce a wide range of high quality problem solving products that have been employed for many years in wide diversity of applications. From the SIKA MaxMix Plasticiser that is used for improving the workability of mortars, to MaxMix Colour for colouring grouts and screeds, they are invaluable to help make any project easier to save time and money.

1. Sika Maxmix Concentrated Plasticiser 1L

Sika MaxMix Plasticiser is a liquid air entraining agent for brick laying mortars, renders, pointing and screeds. It can be used in all situations where improved workability is required.

Features and Benefits
•   Concentrate admixture
•   Measured dosing system
•   Economic in use
•   Produces an excellent ‘Fatty’ mortar
•   Spill proof bottle
•   Equivalent to 25 Litres of conventional plasticizer
•   Freeze thaw resistant when cured

2. Sika MaxMix Cement Colour

Sika MaxMix Colour is a concentrated solution of pigments, suitable for brick laying, paving, renders, grouts and screeds.

3. Sika MaxMix Accelerator & Frostproofer

Sika MaxMix Accelerator & Frostproofer concentrated rapid hardener for mortar.

Features and Benefits
•   Powerful formula – 1L treats up to 325kg of cement
•   Anti-freeze for working temperatures down to -2ºC
•   High early strength
•   Simple dosage system ensures accurate dosing in every mix
•   Less weight and space required for transportation and less waste

4. SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra Levelling Compound

SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra is a ready to use, one pack latex modified cement based self leveller for floor smoothing and preparation of uneven internal floors prior to the laying of floor coverings.

Typical Uses:
•   Floor smoothing
•   Internal levelling prior to laying of floor coverings
•   Higher bond strengths
•   Slight flexibility for difficult substrates

Coverage / Usage Approx: 2kg/m² per mm thickness. Featheredge to 6mm thick maximum

 Features & Benefits:
•   Self smoothing fluid
•   Hand applied
•   Levels and renovates old floors
•   Rapid drying

5. Sika Setting Sand 20kg

Faster than traditional methods, Sika Setting Sand can be simply poured or swept into joints before being saturated with water giving perfect pointing for all types of block paving. Once cured it will not wash out, shrink or crack over time.

Features and Benefits
•   Easy to use – just brush in and water
•   Faster than traditional pointing methods
•   Dries hard but flexible
•   Will not wash out once cured
•   Resists both weed growth and ants
•   For pointing of all types of block paving including drives, paths and patio
•   For narrow joints 2-5mm wide (25mm deep)



6. 7. Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer and Colour Enhancer

Indian sandstone sealer, suitable for most forms of natural stone paving

Typical Uses
•   Specifically designed for porous surfaces such as Indian sandstone
•   Suitable for high levels of UV radiation
•   Available in both Colour Enhancer or Invisible

Features and Benefits
•   Stain resistant
•   Resists algae growth
•   Fast curing
•   One coat
•   Walk on after 3-6 hours
•   All year round application
•   Ideal for use with Indian sandstone, sandstone, Yorkstone, Limestone and other forms of natural stone
•   Colour Enhancer brings out the colour of natural stone
•   Coverage / Usage Approximately 4-6m2 per litre

8. Sika® Mould Buster

Multi surface mould, algae and moss remover

Typical Uses
•   For removal of all types of organic growth from surfaces including:
•   Patio’s and driveways
•   Fences and roofs
•   Brickwork and masonry
•   Decking and garden furniture
•   Tarmac and asphalt
•   PVC and metals

Features and Benefits
•   H&SE approved
•   Just spray and walk away
•   Prevents re-growth for months
•   Fully biodegradable
•   Contains no bleach or acids
•   Coverage/Usage Approximately: Up to 20m2 per litre

9. Sika®-1 Waterproofer

Sika 1 is an aqueous solution containing complex colloidal silicates. In the presence of water these swell and block the capillaries and pores in the applied sand/cement renders, screeds and mortar to provide an effective barrier against the transmission of liquid water.

Typical Uses
•   Structural waterproof renders to resist water pressure below ground
•   Structural waterproof screeds to resist water pressure below ground
•   Waterproof renders to resist moisture and dampness above ground level Internal waterproof tanking
•   General waterproofing admixture for mortar

Features and Benefits
•   Proven for more than 90 years
•   Pre batched system mortars available
•   For brick, concrete and stone substrates
•   Compatible with OPC and SRC
•   Can be applied against live water infiltration
•   Wall render and screed application
•   Can be used internally and externally



10. Sika® Stone Protector

Water based sealer suitable for all forms of natural stone

Typical Uses
•   Suitable for use on natural stone including Indian sandstone, granite, slate and limestone.
•   Internal and external use.
•   Ideal for use on paths, patio’s, concrete and block paving.
Protects from accidental spillages such as tea, coffee, wine and other foodstuffs.

Features and Benefits
•   Solvent free – no VOC’s.
•   Seals and protects natural stone. n Internal and external use.
•   Coverage / Usage Approximately 4-8m2 per litre

11. Sika SikaCim No Crack Concrete

An easy to use powder and fibre admixture that gives enhanced strength and minimises cracking and shrinkage in concrete and Render systems.

Typical Uses
Produces stronger concrete mixes for use in:
•   Concrete paths
•   Driveways
•   Floors
•   Shed bases
•   Render Systems
•   Coverage / Usage Approx: 1 bag / 25kg cement

Features and Benefits
•   Improved workability
•   Micro-reinforced system
•   Reduced likelihood of shrinkage
•   Enhanced durability
•   Water resistance
•   Better surface finish

12. Sika® Pave Fix Plus

Ready to use jointing compound for paving, paths and patio’s

Typical Uses
•   Self setting compound that gives perfect pointing for paving, paths and patio’s n Joints from 5mm width upwards. Minimum 25mm deep.
•   Paving slabs
•   Paving blocks

Features and Benefits
•   Ready to use – just brush in
•   Fast curing
•   Can be applied in the wet
•  Sets hard – does not wash out.
•   Shower resistant after initial cure n Allows re-use of paving
Coverage/Usage: Approximately 1 bucket – up to 12.5m2 Paving




Garden Bark


Bulk Soil

Sandbags for Flood Defence

High quality sandbags for domestic and commercial use

We stock sandbags in both traditional Natural Hessian and Polypropylene. They are ideal for flood defence in both domestic and commercial situations.

Sandbags have traditionally been made from hessian or jute material. This material meant that sandbags could be filled with sharp sand and used effectively as a flexible tool to make any size or shape of a wall of sandbags. Hessian jute sandbags were ideal for many uses as the material is completely biodegradable and when the sandbags had served their purpose they would naturally rot away and decompose.

Over the years, sand bags have been developed and are now made in other materials for different purposes. Woven polypropylene has seen much development over the years and now millions of sandbags are made using this material. Polypropylene sandbags or “Poly sandbags” are non-biodegradable and so can serve a different purpose. Sometimes sandbags are required to dam a stream or part of a river, in which case, polypropylene sandbags are an ideal solution as they will last longer submerged in water. Extended exposure to sunlight will accelerate the degrading process of woven polypropylene sandbags.

All of our sand bags are manufactured to the highest quality. Filled sandbags are delivered with the optimum amount of sharp sand to provide a highly effective tool for flood defence. If you have an area vulnerable to flooding our flood sandbags are an essential part of your defences.

We have stocks of everything you need and supply both large commercial and domestic quantities. Our prices are very competitive, and as always you can rely on the excellent level of customer service Radbournes pride themselves on.

To find out more details of any of our winter products just call our sales team on 01432 279 623 or email, and we’ll be glad to help.

Salt and Winter Grit

Salt and grit that’s ideal for keeping any driveway clear in winter

We have a range of different salts that are ideal for de-icing roads, footpaths and any public area. The salt can be ordered loose in bulk, or in small bags that can be easily stored ready for the winter. They include: Rocksalt, White Salt and Winter Grit. We supply both large commercial and domestic quantities.

We have stocks of everything you need and supply both large commercial and domestic quantities. Our prices are very competitive, and as always you can rely on the excellent level of customer service Radbournes pride themselves on. If you are a major buyer of salt, call us now to discuss your requirements on 01432 279 623.

Kiln Dried Sand

Washed and graded kiln dried sand ideal
for filling the joints in block paving.

Kiln Dried Paving Sand can be brushed into the joints of block paving and patios to prevent movement and ensure drainage.

This fine, sand can be also used for other industrial applications. Kiln Dried Sand should be applied in dry weather. The sand is kiln dried to prevent movement of block paving whilst allowing drainage.Supplied in plastic packaging and can be stored outside without wastage.

Contact us 01432 279 623


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