Top Soils & Wood Barks

Top Soil

Top soil is the uppermost layer of soil, which is high in nutrients and organic matter. Top soils can be used for making new beds, borders, raised beds or as a base for lawns, where the natural soil is poor or non-existent.

Many gardens have poor soil, such as those found behind new-build homes, where the natural top soil has been stripped away during the construction process. Top soils can be used to cover the ground, to create new beds, borders or to provide a base for turf laying or sowing grass seed. In paved gardens where there is no access to soil, top soils can be used in raised beds for growing many plants, including vegetables.

Our comprehensive range includes:
•   Premium quality BS 3882 Top Soil (NHBC approved)
•   Screened and Composted
•   Composted Green Waste
•   Digmoor Loam
•   Screened Local

Wood Bark

Wood barks are often considered to be an essential ingredient to the health and well-being of a garden. They are widely used for general purpose landscaping and helps in reducing the number of weeds, in addition to improving the overall moisture retention of the garden. 

We are a Melcourt Master Stockist of high quality wood bark and wood products with an extensive range of materials in stock, and also access to the complete Melcourt range including:
•  Playbark
•  Play chips
•  Bark nuggets
•  Spruce
•  Ornamental mulching bark

Comprehensive stocks and our own fleet of delivery vehicles ensure a fast delivery service that you can rely on. Materials are supplied in pre-packed plastic or bulk bags with crane offload, or loose tipped.

top soils and wood barks

Our Top Soils & Wood Bark Ranges

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