Puddling Clay

A simple, cost-effective and natural way to line your pond.

Puddling is a process which lines any channel with puddle clay, making a watertight, strong clay base. Puddling clay was first used on canal systems and remains in use today to maintain them. It was also used on a lot of the reservoirs across Britain. It can also be used as core for earth filled dams.

The method of lining Puddled clay in a pond is simple and a lot more natural than using flexible pond liners that are not as durable and cheap. Puddle clay is the most natural way of lining your pond – it is more wildlife and eco friendly. It is also a simple process – all it needs is for the clay to be compacted so that the air bubbles are totally squeezed out, this forms a strong watertight barrier, this can be accomplished by using a tractor, digger or a compactor over the surface.

Our puddling clay can be used for the construction of ponds, leats etc. on golf courses, fish farms, and is suitable for both for commercial and private use. It can also be used for sealing contaminated ground.

We recommend laying puddling clay at a depth of 200-300mm for ponds. These depths will need to be increased for heavier duty applications or for use in areas prone to erosion.

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