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Radbournes Winter Salt & Grit

Salt, Grit and Sandbags now in stock!

Last year’s tough winter left many stocks depleted, and demand certainly outstripped the supplies that were available in the UK, and has had a knock-on effect to this year’s stocks.

Due to last year’s shortages, we are asking everyone to stock up on your winter products early so that when the bad weather does arrive, you are not caught out. We have stocks of everything you need and supply both large commercial and domestic quantities. Our prices are very competitive, and as always you can rely on the excellent level of customer service Radbournes pride themselves on.

Salt and Winter Grit
Rocksalt and GritWe have a range of different salts that are ideal for de-icing roads, footpaths and any public area. The salt can be ordered loose in bulk, or in small bags that can be easily stored ready for the winter. They include: Rocksalt, White Salt and Winter Grit.

If you are a major buyer of salt please call us now to discuss your requirements on 01432 279 623.

Sandbags for Flood Defence
Sandbags for flood defenceWe stock sandbags in both traditional Natural Hessian and Polypropylene. They are ideal for flood defence in both domestic and commercial situations.

To find out more details of any of our winter products just call our sales team on 01432 279 623 or email sales@radbournes.co.uk, and we’ll be glad to help.

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Our products

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