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Top Soil being spread out at Hereford skatepark donated by Radbournes

Radbournes donate materials for Chelsea Flower Show Garden at Hereford Skatepark

Radbournes have recently donated the topsoil required to install a Chelsea Flower Show garden at Hereford skatepark. The planet good earth garden was relocated to Hereford community skatepark after it had previously been showcased at Chelsea Flower Show.

The garden is made up entirely of edible plants and a one of a kind two tonne granite skate ramp, the garden was designed by Urban Organic and Betongpark. As well as fruit trees, bushes, culinary and medicinal herbs, the garden features edible flowers, mushroom logs and vertical hydroponic growing towers. The design aims to highlight how outdoor learning can positively impact wellbeing and confidence in young people.

Radbournes are proud to support as many local projects as possible and we hope that this garden helps members of the local community.

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